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Have you ever wanted to make a lifestyle change, become more fit or change your body? Here are real people who have adopted a healthy lifestyles and who have gotten great results. They all have one thing in common — The Booty Barre®! Get ready to be inspired.


“I started Booty Barre a year ago when I turned 43 and although I wasn’t overweight, I lost weight and inches…it toned me up like I never thought possible. At first I didn’t think I could do this as I had never worked out in my life but doing this has made me enjoy working out and taking better care of myself. I feel better than I did when I was in my 20′s…I am firmer and more toned than I was in my 20′s! Thank you for giving me the body I never dreamed I’d have, especially now at 44 years old and 2 babies. Proof you can have the body you want if you are willing to work at it and with Tracey’s upbeat personality, it makes it enjoyable to workout, something I never thought I would do but I actually look forward to it now.”

~ Laura Kelley
Knoxville, TN







“Since starting Booty Barre, I have undergone a complete change in both body and spirit. Through healthy habits and a new-found love for fitness, I lost thirty pounds and countless inches. I enjoy the feeling of confidence, strength, and grace that this workout gives me. Exercising used to be a chore, but now I look forward to every class. I love Booty Barre!!”

~ Monique Bulette
Seattle, WA










“When I first starting going to The Pilates Company in Woodinville, WA I had just completed treatment for breast cancer (surgery and then 6 rounds of chemo). I was just trying to get the range of motion back in my shoulder (on the surgery side) and gain back some strength. After a couple of months of taking pilates, Erica and the other Booty Barre instructors encouraged me to try the Booty Barre classes and I signed up for the 2012 Challenge. I lost several pounds and inches but more importantly I got my energy back. I can’t even explain how much that has changed my life. Now I can work a full day, get a workout in and still have energy for more. And for the last few months I have been training to run my first half marathon. I don’t believe there is ANY way I could have run 12 miles last Sunday if I hadn’t done that first Booty Barre challenge. I truly feel like a new person and its been less then a year since my last chemo treatment. Thank you!!”

~ Rebekah Carver Willis
Woodinville, WA