Instructor Training

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Our goal? To build a huge family of the most qualified leaders in the fitness industry that share their wisdom and expertise around the world. We pride ourselves on being an international, fit family whose primary focus is to spread the word of health and wellness but also have FUN at the same time.

We’re dedicated to providing the utmost care and support to each facility and every single instructor to make this program successful and profitable.

Why Choose The Booty Barre® Teacher Training?

• Comprehensive instructor training and class options for different populations
• Safety guidelines for injury prevention
• Effective verbal and nonverbal cueing techniques
• Modifications for multi-level classes
• Ongoing new choreography releases
• Continuing education courses and manuals
• No licensing or franchising fees
• Marketing and branding materials for licensed instructors
• International PR exposure

How to become a Booty Barre® Licensed instructor?

To become a licensed Booty Barre® instructor, you must attend one of the Booty Barre® Training Modules. Following the course, you will be required to submit a video of yourself teaching a Booty Barre® class, which is then reviewed through the examination process. Upon passing, you will receive a written detailed report and certificate, which will grant you access to continuing education with choreography and use of The Booty Barre® brand to market and advertise your classes.



What are the prerequisites to becoming an instructor?

You must have experience in either one of the following disciplines: Pilates, yoga, group fitness, personal training, or dance.